My Ferrari has been maintained from nearly new for 30 years. An old friend who had a Ferrari 246 Dino at that time then recommended me to Bernard Fosker and thus, I went and met him. I remember in the early years Bernard would come and collect my car from home by cycling over 20 miles. He always said what a great ride it was, I thought he could not afford a car and never asked, only to find out much later that Bernard and all the next generation did cycle racing. Over the years I have been very happy with all that has been done to my car by Foskers and their team, including a full engine rebuild in 2007. I look forward to many more years of good advice from them.

T Chapman

I have bought and sold Ferraris from Foskers for some 12 years and have always been extremely pleased with the quality of cars and have been given good advice, never pressurised or swayed into something I was unsure about. This has established a trust that I know is important. I always entrust my servicing with them thoroughly. All work is well engineered. They know I want it right and that is always how they do it. Highly recommended.

J Reaks

Alastair sold me one of my cars and looks after both. He totally gets customer service. Nothing is too much trouble, he always keeps me in the picture and the quality of the work is excellent. I couldn't be happier with him and with Foskers generally.

S Lloyd

A 5* year for customer service, thank you again for making my Ferrari experience enjoyable.

B Fereday

I am writing to show my appreciation for the help and support that you have shown since I first used your services in 2003. As you know I have had my current and previous cars serviced and have also purchased and sold cars of the Ferrari Marque through you. Throughout this time I have found you easy to deal with and the services offered second to none. I would recommend anyone that is looking to buy, sell or have their car serviced to contact Foskers.

M Tonks

I have owned a number of Ferrari's and other similar types of car over the years, but I just wanted to say that buying my Testarossa from Foskers has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Your team's advice and knowledge is second to none and I would not have found such an outstanding example without your help. Alastair was constantly in touch with me while the car was being serviced and prepared, sending me pictures at every stage as the work progressed. The car is fantastic, the engine is tuned perfectly, runs super smooth and the whole car feels perfect together. I would have absolutely no qualms about recommending Foskers to any Ferrari owner or prospective purchaser.

P Turner

It was only after I was given Bernard Foskers details in 1977 that I started relying on him to upkeep my Dino - a decision I have never regretted. Little did I know when I first saw Jeff helping his father Bernard working on my Ferrari Dino in 1978 that the boy (!) would become one of the most knowledgeable Ferrari men in the country. Bernard was one of those specialised mechanics who carved a niche for himself by being able to service/maintain only Ferraris for a chosen few, fastidious Ferrari owners who preferred to enlist his services. His reputation preceded him only by word of mouth. Slowly but surely his reputation for perfection grew to the point where he was unable to take on new clients due to the amount of time he had to devote to his regular clientele needs. It was at this stage he thought it a good idea to take on his eldest son Jeff as an apprentice and by that time, Bernard had branched out further by undertaking compete Ferrari restorations.This became an ideal training ground for Jeff who was given the opportunity to work on the Ferraris of the 60, 70,s and mid 80,s (considered by so many of us to be works of art) so much so that the home based garage workshop soon gave rise to a new concept encouraging Jeff to open a complete Ferrari Sales and Engine Maintenance Service company in the mid 90,s which has gone on from strength to strength. By then Bernard's younger son Colin was brought in and was able to take on some of the responsibility with Bernard remaining as an independent consultant. During 30 years I have known the Fosker family I can, without hesitation, not only confirm their reliability to do an utterly professional job on whatever they undertake but also I have been pleased to cement a genuine friendship over this period of time.

W Abraham

I've been fortunate enough to have owned several Ferrari's over the years and have always used Foskers to look after them. I've sold cars to Foskers, bought cars from Foskers, as well as being a regular client of the storage, servicing and detailing services they offer. Across the board, the Foskers team have always been incredibly knowledgable and professional. The Foskers team are very friendly and approachable, so their knowledge is always on tap if needed. I've lost track of the number of times I've had to phone Alastair Gill and ask a question about a noise, or a light, or just for general advice, especially on the older Ferraris. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they will always find a way to help if they can.

B Chambers