Ferrari 328 For Sale

Ferrari 328 at Foskers, Brands Hatch - experts in all variations of the 328. Debuted at the 1985 Frankfurt motor show, the Ferrari 328 GTS and GTB were an instant success.

The styling was an obvious evolution of the Ferrari 308 series, with Pininfarina’s Leonardo Fioravanti softening the previous, more angular design, hinting at the curves that had typified the Ferrari of previous decades. Under the engine cover is the same transversely mounted, fuel-injected V8 engine from the Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole, with an increase in displacement to 3.2 litres. However, these deceptively subtle changes resulted in an anything but subtle increase in performance. Handling and road holding are a noticeable leap forward from its predecessor, while retaining all the benefits of the 308’s independent suspension and slick five-speed manual gearbox.

Another significant improvement over the 308 was the use of galvanised steel, greatly reducing rust and wear issues that, though not a critical fault in its forebear, nonetheless adds to the longevity of the 328. When it comes to collectability, all models of the 328 have their perks. The earliest models feature a difference in interior detailing, as well as a concave wheel design. In 1988 ABS became available, resulting in a redesigned convex wheel in later models to accommodate the system. The 328 was a great commercial success for Ferrari, and continues to be highly popular, mixing great desirability with a fantastic all-round driving experience.