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About the 512M

When it comes to buying and selling a Ferrari 512M, Foskers should always be your number one choice. We have quality 512M models for sale

The original series 1 Flying mirror Monospechio/ Monodado edition was launched in 1984 in a Paris nightclub, those that where present can confirm this was not just a tour de force moment for Ferrari that went on to become their most successful V12 car ever, it also redefined the future of Ferrari design and technology; It also became instantly the ultimate symbol of a generation .The late 1980s and early 1990s years of excess and power once thought uncool are now regarded in the same vain as " the swinging 60s " and this was arguably the ultimate car of the era . The 512 M was the final evolution and interpretation of this iconic model, it wasn't just a last hurrah it was incredible - it retained the iconic styling but in performance and almost every technological way was a much-advanced car reaching 60 MPH in only just 4.7 seconds. When you further consider only 501 of these cars where produced, it's amongst the rarest of special Ferraris like the F50, Enzo, Superamerica etc in terms of numbers built. Does this make this car a blue chip investment for the future? - We think so, but it also happens to be one of the best driving Ferraris of the modern classic era and perhaps an even more powerful reason to own one.

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