The History of Foskers

A family business established in 1968...

Bernard Fosker grew up on the outskirts of South East London. With a passion for motorcars and motorbikes, Bernard embarked on learning his mechanical craft with an apprenticeship in his late teens.

In the 1960’s Bernard took his knack for tuning V12 engines and his very keen ear for engines, and began to work towards fulfilling his dream of working with the sports cars he loved. He began working with a prestigious Lotus and Maserati specialist and set up a small workshop attached to the family home in Orpington. By the late 1960’s the workshop was well established and Bernard was working on various sports cars including Lotus, Maserati and Ferrari.

Running out of room in Orpington
Daytonas for sale in Wrotham

In 1970, a friend and fellow sports car enthusiast, Ron Biggs (not ‘the’ Ronnie Biggs), bought a white 246 GT and let Bernard take it for a test drive. From this moment, the Fosker love affair with Ferrari really began. Bernard was captivated by the car and immediately placed an order for a brand new Rosso Corsa 246 Dino Spyder. Ron, not to be outdone, bought exactly the same car in Nero. Both cars were collected from Maranello on the same day in 1972 and the pair became regulars at Valence Hill Climb, Bodiam Hill Climb and the Brighton Speed Trials, invariably accompanied by a young Jeff and Colin, Bernard’s two sons.

Bernard’s reputation as a perfectionist spread quickly by word of mouth and after becoming well known amongst the local Ferrari aficionados, eventually, he was able to concentrate solely on Ferrari models.

Colin and Jeff began working for their father as apprentices in their late teens. Jeff was 18 when he drove his first Ferrari, a 246 GT, registration OPD 153L and Colin’s first drive was a 246 GTS, registration SKN 215M.

In the 1990’s, with all three Foskers working together, along with then junior technician Alastair Gill, the limitations of their small workshop became apparent and the business was moved to larger premises at Wrotham, in Kent, where the restoration and servicing of Ferraris continued.

Bernard retired in the 1990’s, and in 1997 Jeff and Colin moved their business to the current location at the Paddock Entrance of Brands Hatch Racing Circuit in Kent.

A younger Colin and Jeff get to work
A younger Alastair working at Wrotham

In the same decade, Colin and Jeff attended the launch of the Ducati 916 and it wasn’t long before they both had a 916 SPS on order. Although not keen to take the bikes out on British roads, they have travelled many miles through Europe. Both brothers went on to own and collect rare Ducatis and MVs, still to this day. As their skills developed on two wheels, Jeff and Colin participated in European track days.

Over the past two decades the Brands Hatch home has witnessed a lot of change, and today occupies a substantial 5000sq ft. site, housing both the Foskers showroom and workshop. Jeff and Colin’s knowledge and experience of Ferrari is mirrored by their team of passionate staff. Bernard’s aforementioned junior technician Alastair Gill now fills the role of Workshop Manager.