Foskers Restoration Projects

Restoring a Ferrari classic

We removed this car from storage in June 2007 to begin restoring the car to original condition. However due to our extremely busy summer work did not begin on dismantling the car until November 2007.

Firstly all the hoses and electrical wiring were disconnected and the engine removed from the vehicle, then the body was stripped to a metal shell removing all the interior, seats, door cards and areas of the dash.

Meanwhile the engine was dismantled, removing the cylinder head, block and valves. All the parts removed were degreased and cleaned thoroughly removing debris and oil build up. The engine components were cosmetically overhauled whilst dismantled. The engine was then rebuilt using new gaskets, cam seals, tensioner belt and the valve clearance checked and adjusted.

The 308 Shell returned to our workshop on Monday 23rd June 2008 enabling the rebuilding to begin.  All the internal parts of the body which included the inner arches, nose section, engine bay etc were all steam cleaned removing all debris. These parts were then primed and painted. The suspension was stripped and delivered for blasting and powder coating to remove all rust and check for any damage i.e. cracks to components. We rebuilt the suspension using new springs, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, new anti roll bar and bushes as required. The brake work started with the discs being skimmed with new front callipers being fitted before replacing the rear callipers and fitting braided aeroquip brake lines to the vehicle along with new brake pads all round.

The next stage was to paint and fit the petrol tank, balance and breather system. The wiring loom was cleaned and checked for damage or corrosion. Both doors were built up using all new weather strips and channels. We oiled all the door motors and checked over all the mechanisms and fitted into place.

The next stage was restoring the interior, the dashboard was refitted along with the clocks and gauges, seat belts, kick trims, interior carpets, boot carpet, tonneau and new electric aerial.

On the 28th August we installed the engine into position fitting the manifold exhaust starter motor, alternator, air con pump, fuel pump, heat shield etc. The engine was then plumbed in connecting the fuel, water and oil hoses, wiring in all cables. The gearbox linkage was aligned and fitted with both sumps. We then fitted the clutch, bell housing, drop gear, air con pump, starter motor, alternator, heat shield, all belts etc. Both exhaust manifolds were positioned along with the new sports exhaust and hanging brackets.

From the 16th September 2008 the focus of the rebuild moved to the front bonnet area of the vehicle. Firstly the foam on the bonnet was renewed, then the new radiator checked, painted, aligned and installed along with a new sender unit. This enabled us to fit the cooling fans, which were tested prior to installation. After being thoroughly cleaned the screen wash bottle, battery and servo cover were placed into the front bonnet area; we then renewed the surround rubber to the front bonnet compartment, fitted new headlights, new Ferrari horse on front grill and new Ferrari badge on bonnet.

This brought us to a near finished position with fluids and liquids needing to be filled. It wasn’t long before the engine burst into life and this rare classic was once again back on the road.

With geometry and tuning dealt with and final fettling before that the first road test was the focus of the team’s attention.

As the miles grew it was decided that this car needed an event worthy of its condition and with the FOC Concours only weeks away the commitment was made to enter the car. With a faultless drive to Walton Hall, Warwickshire and frantic last minute cleaning and polishing the team received a 2nd in class award, recognition of the effort put into this appreciating classic.

Feeling confident after the FOC Concours award, the 308 GTB QV was entered by the new owner into the Foskers Concours d’Elegance, held in the beautiful grounds of Ightham Warren, please see this link for further information The car achieved a first in class B, another great achievement for the restoration team!